Awareness week campaigns 2024

There are 7 awareness weeks in 2024 that we will be running campaigns for:

Pregnancy education week

(10th – 18th February 2024)

Launch Webinar – Thursday 8th February

– Thoughtful Childbirth for Everyone

Caesars and Vbac info week

(9th – 17th March 2024)

Launch webinar – Wednesday 6th March

– Caesars and Vbac info - Know the facts!

Immunisation Week

(20th – 28th April 2024)

Launch Webinar – Tuesday 16th April

– Immunisation for pregnant moms and babies

Skin to skin for all moms and babies week

(1st – 9th June 2024)

Launch Webinar – Saturday 1st June

– Skin to skin for all moms and babies at birth and beyond

Grandparents and newborns week

(6th – 14th July 2024)

Launch webinar – Friday 5th July

– Grandparents and newborns – the special relationship

Breastfeeding week

(1st – 7th August 2024)

Launch Webinar – Wednesday 31st July

– Breastfeed with confidence

Prematurity week

(9th – 17th November 2024)

Launch Webinar – Thursday 7th November

– Prematurity – what it entails!