The Newsletter is a free, monthly newsletter with a roundup of the best the internet has

to offer about mom-to-be and baby.

About the Newsletter

The Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that contains curated articles from across the internet covering a wide variety of topics. Sections covered include:

  •    Pregnancy
  •    Birth
  •    Skin to skin
  •    Breastfeeding
  •    Parenting
  •    Inspiration
  •    Humour

The newsletter aims to provide moms and dads with reliable sources of information, and educators with insight into what mothers are reading online.

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Advertising Opportunities

The newsletter is delivered to over 4 000 moms and over 2000 Childbirth Educators each month. Every issue has multiple opportunities for advertisers, and advertisements can be placed within relevant sections of the newsletter and linked to a your chosen webpage.

The newsletter has above-average open rates amongst both moms and educators, demonstrating the value of the newsletter to all recipients.

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