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Lynne Bluff

  • BSc Nursing degree (Wits)
  • Registered Nurse and Midwife
  • Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator
  • National Coordinator of the Childbirth Educators Professional Forum
  • Mother to Jason – the delight of my life

Lynne’s message to pregnant moms and dads

Change, anxiety and excitement are all part of life once you are pregnant. Pregnancy is a very special time and it is nine months long to give you time to adjust and come to terms with the fact that there is a precious little one on the way. Pregnancy is a privilege so enjoy the preciousness of it every day.

Discuss your hopes, fears and dreams with your partner – travel this road of parenting together, sharing the small things as well as the big. Childbirth education classes make a difference – they are well worth attending with your partner. The better you are prepared for labour and parenting, the better you will be able to cope. Classes can never totally prepare you for that unbelievable experience of labour, but they can enlighten you as to the reality of it and give you the necessary information for it to take away the fear of the unknown and to anticipate what to expect. Prepare well for labour so that you can come out of it saying that it was an awesome experience – the memories stay with you for life.

The Expectant Mothers Guide is written to give you a reliable medically sound resource to help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labour and parenting. The articles are written by professionals in their field of expertise to give you the facts so that you can make the right decisions for you. There are many contact details that are listed in the Guide so that whatever situation you have, you should be able to source the correct person to help you.

Enjoy the journey of parenting – it is a life long experience, one that holds many precious rewards. Look after yourself so that you can be there for your partner and child. Tell them and show them everyday how much you love them!

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