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Lynne Bluff

  • BSc Nursing degree (Wits)
  • Registered Nurse and Midwife
  • Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator
  • National Coordinator of the Childbirth Educators Professional Forum

Lynne has a BSc Nursing degree. Is a registered nurse and midwife and an internationally certified childbirth educator. She is passionate about helping people find the correct path for their pregnancy and birth experiences and enabling them to give their baby the best start to life possible. Lynne is a mom to Jason and Tamii as well as a very proud Granny to Seth! They are all the delight of my life!

Lynne’s message to pregnant moms and dads

What an interesting, up and down, confusing time pregnancy actually is. It is nine months of continual change but this time does give one an opportunity to come to terms with the reality of having a baby. Make the most of this wonderful time – it is actually a very short-lived time although it seems to stretch out in a never-ending fashion when you are first pregnant. But before you know it – baby has arrived!

Take time early in your pregnancy (or even better – before you are pregnant) and do your research well. It is a privilege to be pregnant as well as a huge responsibility. Take time to find out what is best for your baby during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Careful and informed decisions need to be made – these decisions will last a life-time for your baby and directly impact them and their long-term health for the rest of their lives – give the best to your baby!

The decisions you make as to who and where you go to birth your baby, what type of birth you choose and gaining knowledge on breastfeeding – these are the most important decisions surrounding your pregnancy journey. As important as it is to purchase safe and practical products to use on your baby, those aren’t the most important decisions – so be mindful of how you spend your time and be knowledgeable on making informed decisions. Go to healthcare professionals to gain information so you are sure you are getting the latest and greatest evidence-based information for your journey!

The Expectant Mother’s and Father’s Guide will help you to achieve these ends and head you in the right directions. Make use of the opportunities to join us at the Thoughtful Childbirth webinars and utilise the information… Remember you don’t know what you don’t know and so you don’t even know what the correct questions are to ask – so please use the valuable information in the Guides and webinars.

Take care and enjoy every step of this amazing journey to becoming parents!

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