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Lynne Bluff

  • BSc Nursing degree (Wits)
  • Registered Nurse and Midwife
  • Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator
  • National Coordinator of the Childbirth Educators Professional Forum
  • Mother to Jason – the delight of my life

Passionate about educating pregnant moms and dads to make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences. The wonders of birth never cease to amaze me – we are wonderfully and awesomely created.

Lynne has a BSc Nursing degree from Wits and is an internationally certified childbirth educator. Presenter both at national and international conferences.
Mother to Jason and Tamii – the delight of her life. Brand new granny to Seth – the brightest light shining through the pandemic with plenty of smiles for everyone – you make my heart leap every time I am with you.

Lynne’s message to pregnant moms and dads

Oh my…. Pregnancy and birth are normally a stressful time – one full of anxiety and apprehension, now add a pandemic to this mix as well….. I take my hat off to those of you who have been navigating pregnancy and birth throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. Included in this is Jason and Tamii who have also navigated this incredible journey through this time – well done for having achieved this so well!

Enjoy reading the Guide as a mag, a digital mag or on the App on whichever device suits you best. The Guide is here to help you navigate your way through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Take the time to look at options available to you, read the latest evidence based research and don’t just join the sausage machine as so many pregnant moms and dads do – thinking ignorance is bliss and someone else will tell them what they should be doing. Make good, thoughtful decisions about all the options that available and have fun doing it knowing you are doing the best for you and your baby.

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